Thursday, January 9, 2014

Participants for AGG 2014 announced


Jason Klein
Glassblowing Workshop
Tom Küpper
Conservation Workshop
Troy Moody
Image Transfer on Kilncast Glass
Narcissus Quagliata
Design Workshop
David Williams & Stephen Byrne 
Glass Painting Workshop


Michael Cothern
Guided Tours - Glencairn Museum
Nancy Gong
Smalti Mosaics
Mary Clerkin Higgins
Conservation Gluing Demo
Jason Klein
Glassblowing Demo
Ellen Mandelbaum
A Brush with Freedom - Design Demo
Scott Ouderkirk
Water Slide Decals in Kiln-Fired Glass Work


Sarah Brown
Looking for John Thornton: The Conservation 
of the Great East Window at York Minster
Cynthia Courage
From the Heart: In the Aftermath of Katrina
Caroline Dunleavy
Louis Comfort Tiffany through a Spiritual Lens
Art Femenella
DAR Lay Light Restoration Project
Panel: Conservation Standards: If Not Now, When?
Nancy Gong
The Growth of Smalti Mosaics in the US
Martha Gyllenhaal
Bryn Athyn Craft
Mary Clerkin Higgins
Panel: Conservation Standards: If Not Now, When?
Ann Therese Kelly
Evolution and Process:  Song of Creation & 
“The Canticle of the Sun”
Brianne Kozlowski
Stained Glass Techniques of Bryn Athyn Glass Workshop
Tom Krepcio
Submitting Digital Files in a Professional Manner
J. Kenneth Leap
Lawrence Saint
Troy Moody
Stained Glass Sensibilities in Terrazzo Public Art
Narcissus Quagliata
Judith Schaechter
Jordan Wright & Ryan Fleet
On Video Production

more details to follow...

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