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Medieval Stained Glass Studies at the 2014 American Guild Conference

The 2014 American Glass Guild Conference, running from June 26-30, 2014, presents a unique opportunity to make a study of medieval stained glass, featuring a number of rare events that would be of interest to those who are involved with Medieval Studies.

On Thursday Afternoon, H. Tom Kupper MA, Team Leader, Lincoln Cathedral Glazing Department and Dan Beal of Lincoln Cathedral will conduct a workshop -
Workshop - Conservation Of Medieval Stained Glass
Tom Kupper & Dan Beal
Thursday, June 26, 2014
1:00pm – 5:00pm, Doering Center, Bryn Athyn College

 In a dedicated 4 hour session, Tom Kupper & Dan Beal of Lincoln Cathedral will demonstrate methods and approaches for conserving and preserving medieval stained glass. Using medieval stained glass from the renowned Pitcairn collection at Glencairn museum, they will discuss issues such as mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, glass analysis, environmental monitoring and the development of the right protective glazing systems. Dan will discuss and demonstrate painting techniques related to restoration practice. There will be explanation of support materials such as full scale polycarbonate transparencies, facsimile glass, examples of historic and modern metal work and environmental and chemical glass analysis documentation. Part of the session is potentially hands on, so that the delegates can have first hand experience with some of the techniques previously shown and discussed. Tom will also showcase digital recording techniques. Join us for this extremely rare opportunity.
Tom Kupper and Dan Beal of Lincoln Cathedral
On Saturday morning, Sarah Brown, the Director of York Glaziers Trust, will be presenting a lecture on John Thornton, designer of the Great East Window at York Minster. Sarah Brown and Tom Kupper will also be among those appearing on a panel devoted to maintaining heritage sites.
Here is a promotional video for York Minster, showing the York Glaziers Trust at work.

On Saturday afternoon, there will be a series of talks and tours at Glencairn Museum, which holds the Raymond Pitcairn Collection of Medieval Art, and is one of the finest private collections of Medieval Art in the world. The Pitcairn Collection contains over 200 examples of medieval stained glass, including rare stained glass panels from the Abbey of St. Denis.

Michael Cothren, of Swarthmore College, and a specialist in the glazing programs of the Abbey of Saint-Denis, will be speaking throughout the day in the gallery where the St. Denis panels reside.

Flight into Egypt, originally in the abbey of St. Denis
from the Raymond Pitcairn Collection of Medieval Art
Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Radiance & Reflection:
The Raymond Pitcairn Collection of Medieval Art
The definitive book on the Raymond Pitcairn Collection is Radiance & Reflection: Medieval Art from the Raymond Pitcairn Collection, published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1983. The book is now available as a free download through MetPublications.

Virginia Chieffo Raguin, Professor of Art History at the College of the Holy Cross, who has written or contributed to 16 books on stained glass and art history, will be present at the conference to sign copies of her most recent book, Stained Glass: Radiant Art, published by Getty Publication in 2013. Professor Raguin is a longtime supporter of the mission ofthe American Glass Guild and is also a frequent participant in past conferences.

Stained Glass: Radiant Art
by Virginia Chieffo Raguin

I you are interested in the study of Medieval Stained Glass, then 2014 is an especially good year  to attend the American Glass Guild Conference.
You can download an 8.5"x11" flyer announcing the Medieval Stained Glass Studies at the 2014 American Glass Guild Conference. Click here (8mb pdf file).
Flyer for Medieval Stained Glass at the 2014 AGG Conference (8mb pdf file)

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